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Topics: Race and Ethnicity, White people, Black people Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: April 2, 2013
When it came down to chosing who I wanted to interview, what questions I wanted to ask and where I wanted to go with my essay I wanted to stay true to the field of Criminal Justice that I aim to work in, which is at risk youth. The main person I decided to interview is one of the people who inspired me to want to work with kids, Corey Thornton, Corey is a motivational speaker, he works with at risk youth every day, as well as heads off an anti bullying campaign across the United States. Corey is one person trying to make a difference in our kids lives by simply reaching out and catching attention with music. Think about it, what kid does not like misic? So his method makes total sense, and seems to work.

The other person I wanted to include in my interview is another friend of mine who works with city kids, by keeping them off the streets and teaching them something he is most passionate about, break dancing, Geno Ambrocio. The kids love to attend Geno's class, the best part is they are not walking the streets getting into trouble or becoming a victim of other troubled kids.

My essay is about at risk kids, racial profiling and hate crimes that go hand in hand with it all. I will be sharing what I spoke to both Corey and Geno about in our interviews, as well as how important their work is for our communities. Most important, I will discuss how important it is to step uop and “do something” in your community to change the racial and any crime for that matter is our communities.

In my opinion, racism and racial profiling is still very much a huge part of our lives. If it not one race being looked down apon, its another. For instance, Middle Eastern people are automatically looked at like they are a terrorist because of the attack on 9/11. Black people are looked at like they are nothing but criminals. What about white people? I think white people are the least race that racism touches upon. I do not get this because think about how manty criminals and...
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