Do Rubrics Enhance and Improve Students’ Writing Products?

Topics: Assessment, Evaluation, Writing Pages: 4 (820 words) Published: April 27, 2012
Do Rubrics Enhance and Improve Students’ Writing Products?

H. Andrade. (2000). Using Rubrics to promote thinking and learning. Educational Leadership. ASCD. Volume 57 NO. 5. February.

Instructional rubrics help teachers teach and evaluate student work, and creating rubrics with the students help can be very instructive. Andrade’s article defines what a rubric is and supports why they are a good assessment tool. The article asserts why instructional rubrics support learning, how they provide students with necessary feedback, and how they help students develop their understanding. The article also provides support about how rubrics provide clear expectations for students, and support good thinking. The article also includes data that suggests that self-assessment using a rubric has a positive effect on most students’ writing. The article also introduces and supports the concept of blending instruction and assessment for more effective teaching.

Moskal, Barbara M. (2000). Scoring Rubrics: What, When and How? Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation, 7(3). Available online:

The article support that scoring rubrics provide at least two benefits in the evaluation process. First, they support the examination of the extent to which the specified criteria has been reached, and second, they provide feedback to students concerning how to improve their performances. The article also supports that if these benefits are consistent with the purpose of the assessment, that a scoring rubric is likely to be an appropriate evaluation technique.

Using generalizability theory to estimate the reliability of writing scores derived from holistic and analytical scoring methods Educational and Psychological Measurement; Durham; Jun 1999; Carl W Schwartz; Stephen R Hooper; James W Montgomery; Melissa B Wakely; et al;

This research examined whether or not the rubrics used to assess writing for the NAEP test are reliable. Two...

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