Do Poor Health Behaviors Affect Health

Topics: Epidemiology, Health, Medicine Pages: 7 (1394 words) Published: August 18, 2015

Do Poor Health Behaviors Affect Health-related Quality of
Life and Healthcare Utilization Among Veterans?
Quianna Watkins
April 28, 2015
Ann Impens

Definition of the Problem
The problem the study was conducted to resolve.
The problem important for health care administrators to study. Study Purpose
The purpose of the study.
Research Questions
The main research question.
the research question is identified, If not otherwise stated. Hypothesis/hypotheses
The study hypothesis.
The hypothesis is identified, If not otherwise stated.
If more than one study hypothesis, the hypothesis or hypotheses is stated. Study Variables
The independent and dependent study variables are identified. Conceptual Model or Theoretical Framework
A conceptual model or theoretical framework is identified in the study. Review of Related Literature
The literature review supports the need for this study.
Study Design
A study design is identified.
The number of subjects is identified.
The location the subjects were found is explained.
The organization studied is identified.
The duration of the study is explained.
The paper addresses the questions under the following headings: Results
Data Analysis Procedures

The purpose of the paper is to show how to develop and understand methodology of the research process. This report presents current knowledge about poor health behaviors affect health-related quality of life and healthcare how do health and behavior influence of the social environment on these behaviors, and about interventions to improve health through modifying behavior or personal relationships. It also addresses what must still be learned to answer questions like those above. Health and behavior are related in myriad ways several behaviors will be reviewed in this paper tobacco use, alcohol consumption, physical activity and body weight, stroke. Although epidemiologic data on the relationships between these behaviors and various health outcomes were available in the early 1990s, many refinements in knowledge have occurred since then. The purpose of the current study is to examine the impact of health behaviors onHRQoL and HCU in a sample of male veterans. What comes to mind when you think of poor health behaviors maybe abusing alcohol or illegal drugs? Tobacco use, unbalanced nutrition and a lack of physical activity. These are certainly key factors that can affect overall health. The purpose of the current study is to examine the impact of health behaviors on HRQoL and HCU in a sample of male veterans. This study makes use of a multidimensional and well-validated measure of HRQoL (see Measures section). The prospective design of the study makes it possible to determine the stability of findings across time. Looking back over the 25 years has clearly demonstrated the impact poor health behaviors have on morbidity and mortality (Blair et al., 1996; Davis et al., 1994; Lee et al., 1993; Leon et al., 1987; Marmot et al., 1981; National Task Force on the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity, 2000; Thun et al., 1995) More recently, research has begun to focus on the impact of poor health behaviors on other outcomes with potentially important implications for clinical practice and healthcare policy, notably Health-Related Quality of Life.

Differences in body weight and exercise regimens have also been studied in relation to HRQoL and HCU. Fontaine et al. (1996) reported that obese persons had significantly lower HRQoL compared to general population norms. However, their findings were cross-sectional and based on data from persons seeking treatment for their obesity. A more recent cross-sectional study found that among patients with chronic conditions, increasing degree of obesity. Ideally, we would all get enough exercise in our daily lives to burn the energy that we get from eating food....
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