Do People Really Have Free Will

Topics: Free will, Determinism, Causality Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: March 14, 2010
Do people really have free will?
Toshia Perry
Axia College
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What exactly is free will?
Speaker notes: It is the ability for a person to determine some or all of his actions. Some consider free will to be its own cause. Some consider free will to be independent of any other causation, predestination, or predetermination by any other person, event, or stimulus. Of course, this does not make sense since a person is free to do as he/she wants but what he/she wants can only be consistent with his own nature. I propose that free will involves four aspects: Conception, Desire, Choice, and Accomplishment. Conception leads to desire which leads to choice which leads to accomplishing that choice. Slide 3

Who determines who has free will?
Speaker notes: According to the Bible, God has predestined and foreordained all that happens. If God's responsibility is overemphasized and predestination is seen as supreme, Christianity turns into fatalism, and people feel that whatever they do or whatever happens it must be God's will. I feel that God does reign supreme, and that humans are given a measure of freedom within the construct of God's will for their lives, so long as that measure stays within God's will for their lives. I do feel that we as people have a good deal of responsibility for the occurrences in our daily lives, and must strive to do what's right and good in all things, and I freely acknowledge that it's a struggle sometimes to do that. Slide 4

Is free will giving or earned?
Speaker notes:We have free will. Some people think every decision we make is based on some part of previous experiences, and that our decisions would be different if our experiences were different. So it is believed that we really do not have free will. Some people feel as though we are like robots and puppets on strings doing what others expect of us not what we want. Biologically, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that free will and consciousness are...

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