Do People Achieve Greatness Only by Finding Out What They Are Especially Good at and Developing That Attribute Above All Else?

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Capitalism, Industry, Max Weber, Max Horkheimer, Frankfurt School / Pages: 2 (438 words) / Published: Aug 27th, 2012
Do people achieve greatness only by finding out what they are especially good at and developing that attribute above all else?

Under Fordism, immense volumes of standardized production became achievable. Standardized production however, required specialization, and the need for specialization discarded the obsolete concept of Renaissance man where it was a virtue to excel in every fields. The rapid industrialization throughout the world created a desperate craving for talents that were specialized, not Jack of all trades. This specialized talent however, comes at the expense of emotional and physical investment.
Two critical theorists Adorno and Horkheimer warned against the perils of mass capitalism. Mass production in a capitalist society made us very rich in standardized materials; however, the standardized materials created by mass production are perfunctory, as the products lack their unique characteristics. To illustrate, most car companies today are extremely dependent on standardization and specialization, resulting in similar production of goods with no distinctive character. Modern capitalist society had forgotten its own distinctive good nature. Despite flowing against the tides of Adorno and Horkheimer’s era of emerging industrialization and standardization, they struggled to push on forward in developing their roles as critical theorists by manifestly portraying their beliefs. Now that the world is conscious of the deadly phenomenon of mass culturalism, a strategic escape can be planned.
Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple company, conjured up magic by launching the revolutionary i-Pad. This product marked a milestone in history as people were willing take their credit cards out from their stubborn rusty wallet in the midst of a bottling up economy. Jobs, well aware of his rare talent searched and pursued to develop it. In college, he took on a daring move by choosing his classes selectively to the ones that interested him the most. He

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