Do or Die

Topics: Free will, Choice, Planning Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: February 1, 2012
LIFE IS A MATTER OF CHOICE. To be in the youth stage, we have so many choices and the choice we’re going to make would somehow distinguish the things we might become in the future. It’s easy to plan what you’re going to do for tomorrow, but what makes it complicated is the “what if’s” awaiting ahead of you. Are you going to take a risk to fulfill those activities you’ve planned or would just stop and nap without doing anything? See, we’ll have a choice to make.

Our elders would always tell us the beauty of being a young, where you can enjoy and explore a lot of things, and we would always be reminded of their saying that youth life would just pass only once so spend each moment to the fullest. And it’s true! A lot of things to be learned each day, lots of people to meet, a lot of experiences to be felt, a lot emotions to handle. That’s life, the result those things will always depend on the choices we’re going to make.

When you choose to go to school and study, it may give you an opportunity to have a good work after graduation, as well as being a good child to your parents. Great opportunities are waiting ahead of you depending on the choice you’re going to pursue.

However, in each track of youthful life, there would always come a time of despair and sorrow. Most especially when you plan for a certain thing, worked hard for it and extend so much effort. But still failures may come and you wouldn’t know what to do. To ease your frustration, you sometimes blame others for the fault you yourself have made. Even to the extent of blaming others for the situation that you are in. But have you evaluated first? Do you think that it was your friend’s or classmate’s fault? Are you sure that you have done your part well enough? Or did you really give your best shot on it? Sometimes when you come to think of it, the answer might be, “No.” It’s still your choice, the decision you made will gauge you’re success on your different endeavors.

God has given us a gift....
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