Do Men Want Sex More Often Than Women

Topics: Gender, Sexual intercourse, Gender role Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: November 28, 2008
Q: Do men want sex more often than women?

A: Yes, but women don't mind it either.

Our expert: Professor Marita McCabe
Published 16/04/2008

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If you go to any bar, cafe, party, BBQ, book club or sporting event (or any other place you're likely to find men and women) someone will be talking about sex, or more specifically who wants it more often. Once upon a time women were encouraged to 'endure' sex and men were urged to 'restrain' themselves, but now things are different – or are they? It's fairly well accepted that men are more focused on sexual intercourse and other types of genital stimulation, says Marita McCabe, professor of psychology from Deakin University. Women on the other hand are more likely to enjoy 'the precursors to sexual intercourse' and while they also enjoy sex, it's usually better for them if they're feeling connected to their partner. McCabe says gender differences are also evident in the complaints men and women make when it comes to sex. Men tend to complain about frequency, whereas women are more likely to complain about the lack of intimacy in a relationship. Her advice for anyone who feels things are a little unequal in the bedroom – think about it from your partner's perspective and then talk to them. For more tips on how to survive the sex wars, read our feature article: Hot for it? Or not? Marita McCabe is a professor of psychology at Deakin University. She was interviewed by Claudine Ryan.
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