"Do Me a Favour" Analysis

Topics: Tears, Favourite Worst Nightmare, Automobile Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: June 19, 2013
“Do Me a Favour”by Arctic Monkeys

Well, the morning was completeThere was tears on the steering wheel, dripping on the seatSeveral hours or several weeksI'd have the cheek to say they're equally as bleakIt's the beginning of the end; the car went up the hillAnd disappeared around the bend; ask anyone, they'll tell you thatIt's these times that it tendsThe start to breaking up, to start to fall apartHold on to your heartDo me a favour, break my noseDo me a favour, tell me to go awayDo me a favour, stop asking questionsShe walked away while her shoes were untiedAnd the eyes were all redYou could see that we've cried, and I watched, and I waited'Till she was inside, forcing a smile and waving goodbyeCuriosity becomes a heavy loadToo heavy to hold, too heavy to holdCuriosity becomes a heavy loadToo heavy to hold, will force you to be coldAnd do me a favor, and ask, if you need some help!She said, do me a favour, and stop flattering yourself!How to tear apart the ties that bindPerhaps 'fuck off' might be too kindPerhaps 'fuck off' might be too kind

Song Title - “Do Me a Favour”Artist – Arctic MonkeysSource – Favourite Worst Nightmare CD, c2006Genre/Style – Indie AlternativeTheme – The end of a relationship Persona – A man that feels guilty of what he did while in the relationship (...break my nose...tell me to go away ….stop asking questions) Summary – The song is about the final minutes of a relationship Analysis – The final minutes of the relationship, when after the conversation he was driving her back home. She found out something after questioning him even when he asked her not to, he was feeling guilty and preferring to be punched. When he gets her home, he's watching her walking away, they both had cried, and then he says to her look for him when she needs help and she got angry, told him to stop flattering himself. (You could see that we've cried, She said, do me a favor, and stop flattering yourself!)Evaluation – The song's build up is like the tension...
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