Do Marketers Have the Ability to Control Our Desires or the Power to Create Needs?

Topics: Marketing, Mobile phone, Market segmentation Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: September 20, 2009
Do marketers have the ability to control our desires or the power to create needs? Is this situation changing as the Internet creates new ways to interact with companies? If so, how?

Marketers do not have the ability to control our desires through effective marketing techniques. By taking into consideration demographics and psychographics marketers can successfully market products to their intended market segments thus increasing the desire for their product. People also often buy products for what they represent such as Victoria Secrets to look sexy. But the marketers do not know enough about everyone to manipulate them so they have to sell good quality products for a fair price for their market segments to succeed.

Marketers do not have the power to create needs only wants or desire for their product. A need is a biological requirement such as food, water, and shelter. Marketers exploit needs by trying to showing how their product is the best item to satisfy the need. An example is water, why have water when you can have a soda. Why have any other soda when you can have a Coca-Cola, the real thing.

The internet has created new ways to interact with companies. People no longer have to go to a store to shop. They can do it from their house or anywhere that they have access to the internet any time and day of the week. People are also no longer limited by geography. They can make purchases from the other side of the globe with a click of the mouse. Companies are also starting to us your cell phone’s GPS capability to send advertisements to you once you are in a certain distance from their store. Organizations that use the Internet are also being started to protest companies due to the companies’ actions. One example is Save the Redwoods/Boycott the GAP.
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