Do Fathers Know Best?

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Do Fathers Know Best?

Do you think your life would be affected differently if a father whose sexual orientation is homosexual raised you? In most cases it would be different because you would have one man who is homosexual as a parent instead of one man and one woman as your parents. Although, your life could also be affected differently if you were raised by one woman and the man wasn’t fully involved in your upbringing. In the two articles I read, “Children of Gay Fathers” by Robert L. Barret and Bryan E. Robinson and “Absent Fathers: Why Don’t We Ever Talk About the Unmarried Men?” by Rebecca M. Blank, both involve how their choices affect the outcome of their children’s lives. Barret and Robinson’s article and Blank’s article display more differences in their work than similarities. The article “Children of Gay Fathers” involves concerns about the influence of living with a father whose gay, which involves the effect of the awareness that one’s father is gay (Barret and Robinson 410). It also incorporates the worries about the right time to come out to children and generates sensitivity to how the children experience society’s negative thoughts towards homosexuality (Barret and Robinson 410). The article “Absent Fathers: Why Don’t We Ever Talk About the Unmarried Men?” explains the population of unnoticed single fathers and the child support that very few of them pay.

Even though these articles have mostly differences, there is one similarity; both of them cover a sociological concern. Meaning, both gay fathers and absent fathers experience problems that affect their children. The gay fathers have a difficult decision to make when it comes to the timing of coming out to their children or just the decision of coming out or not to their children (Barret and Robinson 410). They also have the decision of the results of coming out. “Fathers report that the first concern they have about coming out is the well-being and healthy adjustment of...
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