Do Curfews Keep Teens Out of Trouble?

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Who are real heros? Modern day hero’s are basically looked at as celebrities, or people who are famous for what they have accomplished. Who do I think are real hero’s? I think real hero’s are people who really make a difference, really do something that means something.

People who go out of their way to do something for someone else in need is a hero, someone who turns down something for the benefit of someone else is a hero. Orlando bloom? He is not a hero just because he was a hero in a couple movies, at least not in my perspective. A man got offered a huge movie role, or he could give this money to a fund for needy children, sure enough he turned down the movie role and gave the needy kids the money. That’s a hero.

My mother battled cancer for 4 years and not once did she put herself before others, the whole fight. That’s a hero. You were rated number one actor in 2012? That is not a hero, that is an actor, someone paid for what they are good at. A hero isn’t payed for doing good things, that’s why they are called heros! They do incredible things without needing anything in return.

If you call an actor a “hero” or even a singer, you do not know the real true meaning of hero’s. Think about all the kids in the hospital due to cancer, or any kind of life threatening disease. All the people who sponser them or have a fund raiser JUST to help those kids, that is a hero.

People believe and agree on different things but I really believe this is a topic that people can really debate on. What is the real definition of a hero?
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