do curfews keep teens out of trouble?

Topics: Adolescence, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: February 20, 2014
Do curfews keep teens out of trouble?
I personally believe that curfews will not prevent teenagers from getting into trouble. Even with a curfew teens will eventually find a way to do whatever they want. If that means skiving school, sneaking out or lying. Sneaking out would give teenagers that adrenaline rush which would make them feel powerful and unstoppable, so why wouldn’t they want to do it? Also, having a curfew just adds stress on a teen, because we will freak out about running late. Does curfew really keep teens out of trouble?  Although curfews would allow the teenagers a chance to change and it may work seeing that they have less time to go around causing trouble like vandalism, stealing, or take drugs. Those are just a few examples why parents would think that setting a curfew would keep their children out of trouble, however placing a curfew on them wouldn’t necessarily stop them from doing so. They could be doing all these things during the day time or even bunking school just to do so as they don’t get enough free time afterwards to do anything. All of this goes to show that curfews in fact have no effect, and that teaching young teens to have morals and know what is right and what is wrong is greatly more effective than curfews. I am a teenager myself, so you might all think that I am biased towards this decision, but I've had times with and without a curfew. And I say this, honestly, its hasn't helped me at all. My dad would let me do what I wanted from when I got home from school to when I went to bed (which was around 11, but never enforced). He told me if my grades dropped or if I did something wrong, I would get a curfew. I did mess up and my curfew was to go to bed at 10 and put the computer away at 9. I have listened to this, and my mum says that I will feel better when I wake up in the mornings because I'm going to bed earlier. This isn't true because when I would normally go to bed at 10:30 and would fall asleep at 11. And I did still...
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