Do Codes Make A Difference Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Education, School, Business, Profit, Teacher / Pages: 1 (185 words) / Published: Dec 31st, 2014
Case Study VI: Marketing in Schools
Amy L. Walker
Columbia Southern University
BBA 4751 – Business Ethics
Prof. M. Friske

Case Study VI: Marketing in Schools
Marketing in schools should be regulated because this is a place of education with impressionable young minds; these establishments are there to teach young people about social interaction, healthy eating, and the pros and cons of materialism. Because of government budget cuts in school systems today, marketers see this situation as an opportunity to monopolize the younger school-aged consumers. Today, because of government budget cuts schools can participate in incentive programs such as box top collections, corporate induced free educational materials for product promotion such as getting a free meal from a fast food restaurant for attendance. The worst form of marketing is the organizations who use exclusive agreements with the schools by offering the schools a percentage of their profits to obtain a monopoly for their products.
Relevant Facts Marketing to children is now a billion dollar profit for corporations that want to corner the young consumers into buying their products by advertising through media, school events, and transportation.

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