Do Books Belong to the Past in This Computer Age?

Topics: World Wide Web, Epistemology, Server Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Nowadays many articles and studies are focusing on the changing habits of spending our free time. Most of these studies have shown that reading is becoming a less interesting hobby while playing on the computer or surfing on the Internet is getting more and more popular. There are many reasons for stating that the most affected generation is the youth: children, especially teens are constantly online, they are connected to several social networks even at the school, where they use their smartphone to share information. However, they are not familiar with the content of compulsory readings and look down on those who read. The computer age has its own advantages, though. People are getting used to quick gain of information which can be utilized even at school. For example, if teens were using computers and smartphones for getting closer to literature, the problem wouldn’t be so serious. However, downloads from the Internet cannot replace books and in-depth knowledge. Summaries only provide superficial information which is crucial to our general knowledge but in order to become an expert of a certain subject we need to read an incredible amount of books and systematize our knowledge. In general, we can submit that scholars and worldwide acknowledged intellectuals still rely on books as a credible source of theoretical knowledge. Internet simplifies the life of those who wish to gain more general or brief information which can be reached in seconds. To sum up, my personal opinion is that books did not pale into insignificance. They remained as a guideline to learning to a certain society while computers and the Internet are affecting mainly the youth who are more susceptible for innovations.
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