Do Beauty Pageants Serve a Purpose in Socity?

Topics: Beauty contest, Miss Universe, Beauty Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: January 12, 2011
Do beauty pageants serve a purpose in society? Does anyone really care who the prettiest person is in America or State? Beauty pageants don’t help anyone, the only people that benefit from them are the people running in them. Pageants are for those who think that they can make a difference in the world, when really all they do is make other women or men feel inferior. Should beauty pageants be taken away out of society? Beauty Pageants don’t serve a valid purpose in society. They use the Beauty Pageants as a contest to see who is the prettiest woman or handsomest man. There are contests that you share your talent, show how well you clean up, and show how you look in a swimming suite. “I side with the feminists who protest the Miss America Scholarship Pageants. She said she believes pageants serve the male patriarchy and promote an ideal of conformity and superficiality that ultimately hurts women.”(Laura Hamblin, Deseret News (Salt Lake City), Jun 9, 2005 by Sharon Haddock Deseret Morning News)

Most of America doesn’t care about pageants. The only ones that care are the ones participating in them and their families and friends. Everyone else could care less, because it doesn’t matter to anyone but the one’s in the pageants. The pageants are a waste of time, space and energy all for nothing. Most answers to questions such as “What do you wish to do for us?” always have something to do with world peace. The winners don’t ever do anything about having world peace. They sit on floats in parades and get praised for being them. Women always want to help people such as those in rest homes or even the homeless. They make one appearance, and then they make others do the work for them. The pageants are really there for the ones that want to compete to see who is prettiest or who has the best voice. It shouldn't be called a beauty pageant it should be an American Idol contest. It is all just for show, they really don’t have that much talent. I suppose if how good...
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