Dna Character Analysis

Pages: 14 (3255 words) / Published: Sep 7th, 2013
DNA Notes

Phil, Leah, John Tate, Danny, Cathy, Lou, Mark, Jan, Richard, Brian

* The very beginning (page 9), Jan is shocked when Mark says ‘dead’. * Page 10, introduction of Phil; first thing we learn about him is him eating ice cream whilst sitting next to Leah in a field. * Leah wonders and asks what is running through Phil’s mind – suggests she is concerned for him. * Phil does not reply; shows either he enjoys having her give him attention and wants her to keep on wondering, or he just doesn’t care about her. * ‘You can talk to me, I won’t judge you…’ said to Phil by Leah. One idea she has of him is that he is afraid to talk to her. * ‘Is it me?’ Leah is paranoid – she also thinks it’s possible that she’s just a nuisance to Phil. * Her sense of paranoia is even more apparent when she asks a question, but then answers it herself, and then asks another question and also answers that herself. Also, she says ‘you thinking ‘Leah talks too much, I wish she’d shut up for once in a while,’’ even though Phil isn’t saying anything. Again this shows how paranoid she is of her being a problem to Phil. * She spouts a lot of nonsense – literally. Nothing she says is making any sense because she talks about one thing and then halfway through that, she starts talking about something else. This shows intense mental conflict going on within her. * Later (page 12), John Tate, Lou, and Danny are in a wood. * Lou claims that they are “screwed”. She’s quite a pessimist. * John Tate on the other hand is an optimist, always trying to convince himself that he is doing well. This is evident when he replies to Lou saying ‘No, no, it’s not, no, Lou, we’re not.’ It’s clear that his optimism emanates from panic, because of all his stuttering. * He then reveals that his optimistic behaviour was just an act when he admits that they are not fine and are in fact in a bad situation. * John Tate implies he has control and should be

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