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I. History of Ultrasounds
A. 1950s
1. Yearly Ultrasound meeting
2. Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
3. First ultrasound on paper
B. 1960s
1. Only female AIUM President
2. American Institute of Ultrasonics in Medicine intend of American Institute Ultrasounds in Medicine. (AIUM)
C. 1970s
1. Official executive office
2. Registered with the US Internal Revenue Service
D. 1980s
1. 25th Anniversary of Ultrasounds
2. Gray Scale 3D Imaging
E. 1990s
1. Informed high schoolers about ultrasounds
2. AIUM established voluntary guidelines for accreditation
F. 2000s
1. Ultrasound Awareness Month
2. Turning point for the journal of Ultrasound in Medicine II. School Requirements
A. Certificate Program
1. Eighteen month program
2. Taken by workers who employed in a medical field to upgrade their training.
B. Associates Degree (in science)
1. Thirty month program
2. Most common way to get degree
C. Bachelors of Science degree
D. Schooling Costs
1. Wallace State (in state tuition)
a. $140.00 a credit hour
b. need 72 hours for an associates degree
2. Wallace State (out of state tuition)
a. $280.00 a credit hour
b. everything is double the value of in state tuition
E. License/Certificates
1. Active certificate by ARDMS
2. Current compliance with CME
III. Technical Standards
A. Lift more than fifty pounds routinely
B. Push and pull routinely
C. Bend and stoop routinely
IV. Sonography Salary
A. 2013 Salary Average
1. More money in the West and Northeast
2. $78520.00 annually
B. Job Outlook
1. 2010-2020
2. Raise by 44%
V. Types of Sonography
A. Abdomen
B. Breast
C. Cardiac
D. Musculoskelatal
E. Neurosonography
F. Obstetrics/Gynecology
G. Vascular technology
VI. Ultrasound
A. High frequency and sound waves
B. Travel in a straight line
C. Radiation free
D. Trandsucer
VII. Ways to excel in Sonography
A. Focus
B. Accredited college
C. Specialized area
D. Certification from American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography E. Learn
F. Good personal characteristics

Thesis Statement: Ultrasounds is using frequency and sound waves to create a picture on a screen to help one see something in the human body.
Sonography research started in the early 1950s. In 1951 the American Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation yearly ultrasound meeting began. In September of 1952 the American Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation changed their name to the American Institute of Ultrasonics and Medicine (AIUM). The first secretary and later the executive director was John Aldes, MD. In 1955 the first paper ultrasound was completed by John Julian Wild, MD, PhD, and John Reid PhD. (

Carrie Chapman was the only female president of the AIUM. (American Institute of Ultrasonics and Medicine.) She served from 1963-1965. The official constitution for the institute was written during her time. The American Institute of Ultrasonics in Medicine then became the American Institute of Ultrasounds in Medicine. At this point by the 1960s they had 2D gray scale imaging which is a process in which the intensity or brightness is recorded in shades of gray. (

The American Institute of Ultrasounds in medicine took several big steps in the 1970s. They got their own official executive office, and registered with the US Internal Revenue Service. In 1977 the Pioneer Award was established. This award is for anyone who puts forth a lot of effort for the developments of diagnostic ultrasound. ( institute celebrated its Twenty-Fifth Anniversary in the 1980s, and they were already in the right place to have an even more successful future. Gray Scale 3D Imaging was developed...

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