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Decision Modeling for Managers
Assignment #1
Weight: ½ of overall assignment grade (½ x 25%)
Submission Deadline: 9 p.m., Sunday, 17th November
NOTE: This is an individual assignment to be done independently. An honor pledge confirming that it is your own work will be taken before you are able to submit online. Instructions
Failure to adhere to instructions will result in serious grade loss. On the following page is the ROZGAR.PK decision-modeling exercise. The required tasks are stated in the “Assignment Questions” section of this case-based exercise. Kindly comply with the following instructions:

1. Completion of the assignment is an essential requirement for passing this course. Attempt all tasks in this assignment (including its quiz scheduled for the following class) to avoid an “incomplete” grade. 2. Submission File and Format: In the Assignments section on the course LMS portal, download the file named “DMM_Assign1_1501xxxx.xlsx”. a. Rename the file by replace the “1501xxxx” ending with your own roll number. b. Use this renamed workbook to develop your ROZGAR.PK model (Note: make backups of different stages of your model as well to avoid losing work). c. On the sheet entitled “PART1”:

i. Enter your Roll No.
ii. Complete the questions in Part 1 of the assignment and paste the value (not cell reference) in cell next to the appropriate question number (e.g. 1.3 means Part 1 Question 3). d. On the sheet entitled “PART2”, input your analysis against the appropriate question number for Part 2. Keep your analysis to the point and do not exceed the area provided for the answer. Do not alter the cell sizes and only type in the colored cells on this sheet (the text will automatically wrap within the cell). e. Ensure all the model, the workings and analysis you wish to submit are contained within this renamed workbook and follows the given format. You will only submit this single Excel workbook. Any other submissions will be ignored. 3. Submission Location: Submit the above-mentioned single spreadsheet workbook, following the above-mentioned filename style, compatible with Microsoft Excel 2010 version at the Assignments page of the course portal on LMS before the deadline stated above. 4. Caution: A significant portion of the grade is dedicated to model design, presentation and clarity of English (where commentary is required). ROZGAR.PK1: growing a sales team to grow a business

It was 1st December, 2005. Mushtaq Rauf had been running his jobs advertising website ROZGAR.PK for almost a year now. So far it had been free for Pakistani employers to come and post jobs. To date, Rauf had used resources that were surplus to his current business for running ROZGAR.PK. After all, the job site had only meant to be an experiment. But it was now showing a lot of promise. Hence, Rauf began making plans to launch ROZGAR.PK as a completely independent business. The key decision to make was how fast to grow the size of his sales team. The need for a sales force

While job-seekers would continue to use ROZGAR.PK for free, Rauf planned to earn revenue by charging the businesses that posted job advertisements (called “paid job ads”) on his site. He was targeting the very large number of small businesses who could not afford to advertise vacancies through newspapers. However, such people still had to be convinced about the usefulness of hiring online. Also, most would not be able to pay using a credit card for ROZGAR.PK job ads online, even if they were convinced of its benefits. Rauf planned to create a sales force that would physically go out to these potential customers, make paid job ad sales and later collect the cash as well. After studying sales data of the job site in India called and comparing this with ROZGAR.PK’s usage growth in the last year, Rauf and his management team came up with a forecast for the number of paid job advertisements sold per month by each sales person for a given number of...
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