Topics: Batten disease Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Dear Mrs. Smith:

Enclosed are my thoughts and recommendations of DM Bicycle Company CEO Gino Duncan and his current state-of-mind as the leader of DMBC.

As the HR director of DMBC I have witnessed first hand the change in Mr. Duncan’s responsibilities to the company. He has become deeply afflicted by the diagnosis of Batten disease to his nine year old daughter Nicole. Wanting to begin a new CSR program aimed at combating Batten disease Mr. Duncan has gone out on his own accord to use the windfall created by the FY11 projections to help fund this endeavor of his. Though I’m empathetic and personally feel for what he and his family are going through, Mr. Duncan still has a responsibility to the employees and shareholders of DMBC. By combining his role as CEO with his role as a father it is clear he has gotten off track and has overstepped his responsibility as the face of the company.

My concerns with what is happening at DMBC has to do not just with the proposed CSR program for Mr. Duncan and it’s effects towards the company, but also with the duties of the senior leadership and the current culture amongst them. If he goes through with funding a new CSR program in order to help his daughter Nicole, Mr. Duncan will be doing more than just taking away bonuses from our well deserved employees. He will be changing the core principles and key practices of DMBC.

When I approached Jim Miniter in order to get some resolution about the situation he told me several things that created a feeling of unease. As we talked in his office he said “We’re going to have to present this change (new CSR program for Batten disease) in the annual report and at the shareholder meeting---but I guess Gino can finesse those things,” and when I asked him if he would talk to Mr. Duncan he responded with “I can’t. It would be like betraying a brother.”

This rationalization by Mr. Miniter and his loyalty to Mr. Duncan has skewed his primary duty as the CFO of DMBC....
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