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Topics: Personality psychology, Personality type, Big Five personality traits Pages: 14 (3829 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Term Paper on Dhaka Bank
Term Paper
Effect of Personality on Occupational Stress
Prepared for:
Mrs. Rumana Afroze
Course Instructor
Sub: MGT251; Section: 05
Group Members:
Name ID number
Quazi Aritra Reyan 2010-1-10-145
Syed Tasin Jahan 2010-2-20-072
Salman Iftekhar Suny 2010-1-10-131
Date of submission: November 29, 2011
Letter of Transmittal
Mrs. Rumana Afroze
Faculty of Business Administration Department
East-West University – Bangladesh
Mohakhali, Dhaka
Subject: Submission of Report.
Dear Miss,
It is our great pleasure to submit this report that you assigned on “Effect of personality on occupational stress in DHAKA BANK LIMITED” which has been prepared as a part of our Organizational Behavior course. We have tried our best to accomplish our research objectives successfully. This report definitely gives us an exceptional experience that will be of use in the future. The whole experience of this course enabled us to get an insight into the real life research situation. We will always be available for any supplementary interpretation or clarification that may require. Thank You.

Quazi Aritra Reyan Salman Iftekhar Suny Syed Tasin Jahan
At this point we would specially like to thank those who had made it possible for us to prepare our report. Without their cooperation the completion of this report would have been difficult. We are most grateful to the many people in the banking sector in Bangladesh, bank employees, managers, and experts, who willingly cooperated in the difficult task of data gathering. We would also like to express our thanks to the respondents - the Directors and the Managing Committee of Dhaka Bank Ltd. Bangladesh Uttara Branch, who has helped us by contributing their time and providing us with information related to the topic. We appreciate their consideration, and their consent to give the interviews. we want to express our thanks to our Course Instructor Mrs. Rumana Afroze who had given us this assignment and helped us in all possible ways and directed, guided us properly in completing our report. Her continuous support and re-enforcement has encouraged us to complete this report, through which we gained experience on real life research situation. Finally, All in all it was a wonderful experience to work as a team in doing this research and preparing this report on such an important issue. Executive Summary

Bangladesh economy has been experiencing a rapid growth since the '90s. Industrial and agricultural development, international trade, inflow of expatriate Bangladeshi workers' remittance, local and foreign investments in construction, communication, power, food processing and service enterprises ushered in an era of economic activities. Urbanization and lifestyle changes concurrent with the economic development created a demand for banking products and services to support the new initiatives as well as to canalize consumer investments in a profitable manner. A group of highly acclaimed businessmen of the country grouped together to responded to this need and established Dhaka Bank Limited in the year 1995. This paper investigates how the personality of people has effects on occupational stress in Dhaka bank limited (DBL). Our findings in DBL indicated relationships between Big Five model, stress, performance & type-A & type-B behavior. The results of this study provide insight into varince in stress level, performance level & behavior of employees in DBL, also job satisfaction & job involvement in DBL. The report has been categorized into 6 chapter. Chapter 01 describes the background of study, objectives, scope, methodology, limitations. Chpter 02 describes the history of the organization, mission, vision, goals, values, the present scenerio of the organization & it’s contribution to the economy. Chapter 03 describes the theoretical part of the organization. It describes stress, it’s causes, consequences, performance & stress. It...

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