Divorce Stats: An Inadequate Measure of Marital Breakdown

Topics: Marriage, Alimony, Divorce Pages: 1 (427 words) Published: October 8, 2008
Divorce stats are seen as an inadequate measure of marital breakdown for many reasons. Many people that experience marital breakdowns decide not to get divorced for a number of reasons including, money issues, housing difficulties, religion, or the children involved. A married couple may feel at a time in life when their marriage is at an ‘irretrievable breakdown’ and want a divorce. However complications stop the divorce from taking place. So although there has been a marital breakdown there is no divorce. This makes the divorce stats an inadequate measure. If the couple had already started a family and had young children it could complicate the process of a divorce. They may want to hold on to the feeling that they are a family even when a marital breakdown has occurred. This could be because on the children. They don’t want their child or children to go through the divorce. The child could be hurt emotionally and this could be a reason of when a marital breakdown does not lead to a divorce. Another reason that the couple with a marital breakdown has not divorced could be because of financial reasons throughout the process of divorce. Getting divorced is not cheap and the poorer families may not be able to afford this. For a start there is the cost of lawyers. Then there is also the question of ‘where will I go?’ after divorce. When a divorce takes place the money shared between the couple is split in half, so it’s like losing half of your money. This can then cause housing difficulties especially with the prices of housing rising all the time. Religion can play a huge part in many religious families. There are some religions where it is expected of people to have a family and grow old together. Divorce is not acceptable in some religions, meaning that people will have marital breakdowns with no divorce. Before the law reform act of 1969 people could not divorce unless ‘his or her spouse had committed a matrimonial offence’ (Breaking...
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