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divorce rate is increasing

By 0Azure0 May 13, 2014 595 Words
Divorce rate is increasing

Marriage is one of the most important issues in everyone’s life. However, the divorce rate of the world is increasing. In china, the divorce rate keeps increasing in high speed. In 1979, the divorce rate is only 3%, but in 1997, the divorce rate is 13%, which rise 4 times in less than 20 years. Compared to the history, the divorce rate in china now is very high, but compared to the whole world, china is one of the low divorce rate countries. For example, in America, the divorce rate is 50%, which is much higher than china. So, what cause the high divorce rate? According to the survey report, there are three main reasons that result in divorce. Reason one: the economic problem. Frankly speaking, family is a social cell that builds up on the base of money. Once the necessary physical condition lose, the family will be easier to break up. For example, if a couple lives in a poor family, they must shoulder the heavy burden of live on, especially when they have children. And a lot of couple cannot bear the heavy pressure, so they decide to divorce. Reason two: family violence. In traditional culture, women’s social position is much lower than man, and wife must obey her husband. So a man who still keeps this traditional idea or who is a male chauvinist will usually think that they have the right to hit his wife. Once he is unhappy, he hit his wife at random. As the developing of our society, women have learnt to protect themselves. In order to protect their rights, more and more wives decide to divorce when they suffer their husband’s violent behavior. Reason three: indiscreet marriage. Many lovers, especially young people, fall in love in very short time. As the old saying says, love is blind. So, even though they don’t know much about each other, they decide to get marry without discreet thinking. As the time goes by, they will find each other’s shortcoming when they live together. Most of them cannot bear all these unsatisfied things, so they decide to divorce. In conclusion, the divorce rate is on the rise. And three main reasons of it are economic problem, family violence and indiscreet marriage.

We live in a disposable society. Marriages are thrown away in the same fashion one would toss an old pair of shoes. We are looking for a quick fix, something that can satisfy our needs and if those needs aren’t satisfied some feel it is easier to toss the spouse and move on to the next relationship. If the marriage becomes hard and requires a little attention and work it is easier for some to discard the marriage than to hunker down, roll their sleeves up and go to work.

Our expectations of what marriage is supposed to be are childish. We think if we meet someone, fall in love and marry that, that person is going to take care of all our needs, be there at every need and put to end any problems or loneliness we may feel. We marry expecting someone else to make us happy, instead of making our own selves happy and then marrying. Many people marry without realizing that their happiness is their own responsibility and if you aren’t happy there is on one on earth who can fix that problem but yourself.

The reason the divorce rate is high among post-80s couples is mainly that they value their own interests and rarely care about other people's feelings

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