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Divorce Presentation

By rivz1296 May 15, 2013 1146 Words
Buena’s Dias amigos amigas!
The Philippines remains one of the few countries who does not have a law legalizing divorce and we can clearly see that our catholic orientation has been a dominant factor. The Philippines has the biggest Christian population in all of Asia. We are very conservative. We take pride in our religion. We take pride in being a conservative Christian country. Even in our constitution, our book of laws, the presence of God is within its provisions. From this repeated situation of us, is the Philippines ready for a divorce law? In your observation from the news on TV, newspapers and internet, what is a divorce law? First, let us see how many percent of divorce in the selected years. Michigan Statistics. Now, let proceed to the divorce law.

What is a divorce law? Divorce or dissolution of marriage is a legal process in which a judge or other authority dissolves the bonds of matrimony existing between two persons, thus restoring them to the marital status of being single. A divorce does not declare a marriage null and void, as in an annulment, but rather declares that a fully consummated marriage is irretrievably broken and that it should be dissolved, allowing the parties to marry other individuals. They are Ilagan’s bill proposes 5 grounds of divorce:

1. Couples who want to avail of divorce will nee to fulfill at least one of the conditions set forth in the bill if it is becomes law. 2. May apply for divorce include those who have been separated for 5 years or already legally separated for 2 years. 3. When the couple have the situation or condition for legal separation such as marital infidelity, abandonment and domestic violence. 4. Grounds for legal separation may also apply when these same grounds have already caused the irreparable breakdown of the marriage. 5. Physiological incapacity, causing one’s failure to comply with essential marital obligations and understandable difference will also be recognized as grounds of divorce. These grounds of divorce will be the courts that will determine of couples are qualified to apply for divorce. In short, it has to be proven in court. Benefits of having divorce

* Less expensive
There will still be some expenses to be incurred because you will hire a lawyer but this will not be as difficult or expensive as annulment.

Basic Divorce Conditions
Important and difficult decisions have to be made when you’re working out the terms of your divorce, especially if minor children are involved. One of the basic conditions that need to be decided on such as: * Who will have physical custody of their children?

* Who will have legal custody of their children?
* If you will have sole or primary child custody of your children, what visitation rights will their other parent have? * How will you handle child-related expenses like school tuition and etc. * How long will the spousal support payments continue? * Which parent will pay child support, how much will the payments be, and when will the payments end? * What portion of the property and debts will each of you take from your marriage?

We already talked about the 5 grounds, benefits and basic conditions of divorcement. Now, have you ever wonder why people get divorced?
Here are some of the more common reasons:
1. Getting married too young - Earlier, this used to be the most common reason why couples decide to part ways, but nowadays, many people are waiting some time before they get married. But there are still a number of couples who get married young and grow in different directions when they become older, so divorce is the end result. 2. Different life objectives - Another common cause is when each partner has a set of objectives which are totally different from that of the other partner. One spouse wants children at a particular time in life, while the other one may want to delay having children in order to realize their career aspirations. 3. Infidelity - This one should rank as one of the most common reasons for divorce nowadays. When one of the partners go off track and start having an extra - marital affair, it can be quite hard for the other spouse to forgive and forget. there may be no trust whatsoever between them, which can lead to collapse of the marriage. 4. Financial Problems - This can be touted as another cause as couples feel the dent in their purses. Arguments over how money should be handled or arguing with each other because there isn't a lot of money available can take marriages to the courts for settlement. 5. Abuse (emotional or physical) - When one spouse verbally, emotionally or physically abuses the other partner, or carries out a combination of the abuses mentioned above, it can drive the other partner away. In such cases even counsellors agree that divorce is the best direction for the victim. 6. Compatibility- Marriage is not just about physical compatibility; the couple should have mental compatibility as well to have a successful marriage. When the couple is not in tune with each others feelings then there is a higher chance that they might end up divorcing. 7. Lack of Commitment- For many couples the marriage vows are just a ceremony and do not follow or keep the commitment made through the vows to the partner. They tend to forget that it takes commitment to nurture any relationship than looking for quick fix solutions and giving up too easily. 8. Lack of Physical Attraction- As years go by its quite natural for the couples to lose interest in maintaining their beauty and health. Such a situation can get the partner to stray thereby resulting in divorce. Further there are men who marry ugly or physically handicapped girls just for the hefty dowry they could bring without giving much importance to their appearance. Once the money is gone their dissatisfaction can cause physical and verbal abuse resulting in the marriage breaking up.

All marriages have their problems, and while not all of them should be saved, some deserve another shot. A lot of marriages which appear to be on the rocks can be saved with some sincere work.

We can’t avoid divorce but we can find a way to think deeply before we will decide. So, the first step is to realize that having a problem with each other isn't something unusual, but working on the problem is essential if the marriage is to survive. A broken family is a bad situation for any child or parent but a whole family that is trying to pretend that everything is okay is even worse. I am not pushing you to go with divorce law. It is in your hands and your principle. It is you, as a Filipino citizen, are you pro or anti divorce? Are you ready for a divorce law?

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