Divorce in the Middle East

Topics: Marriage, Middle East, Divorce Pages: 4 (1241 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Divorce in the Middle East

The rate of Divorce in the Middle East has rapidly increased during the last couple of years and negatively affected both parents and children. Studies have stated that the annual divorce in Dubai increased to 21% last year with 3,012 lawsuits filed. There are one in four marriages ending in divorce according to the UAE court. At least Dh800million is spent in the UAE every year on divorces, according to educationists and family affairs experts. However, we are now trying to overcome its negative affects on children and parents. There are many reasons in which divorce may occur in the Middle East. These reasons are made up of minor and major causes. One of the most important reasons is the way men grow up in the Middle East. They grow up without responsibilities and are used to being served by women and maids. This makes a man dependent, which means that when they get married they will not be able to tolerate the obligations and responsibilities of marriage and children. They would throw all marriage responsibilities on their wives and would never share household duties. They would instead resort to committing adultery in order to satisfy their needs. This is the result of their wives being distracted with necessary tasks; her children and house tasks. They then would get married again, to a second wife, since in Islam a man may marry four wives at once. This causes conflicts between the first wife and her husband. However, Many wives cannot bear seeing her own husband with another lady and therefore asks for a divorce. Most marriages in the Middle East are arranged marriages. In Islam social separation of both sexes is the custom, making it hard for individuals to meet spouses on their own. Many cultures interpret marriage as an agreement between families, rather than just between two individuals. Meanwhile, by time the wedded couple may diverge due to the lack of knowledge of the other partner and may...
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