Divorce: Family and Best Parents

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Many Americans get married every day and say the words, “I do.” They agree to loving each other through sickness and health until death do them part. This agreement is often broken. Divorce takes a toll on the couple as well as their children.

As a child, my mother and father were the best parents. They would take me anywhere I wanted to go. We did everything as a family. They argued every once in a while, but what couple doesn’t? I thought they would be together forever.

As a teenager, my mother and gather stated arguing and fighting more and more. Finally, they got a divorce. My mother and father changed after that. They were not as happy as they use4d to be. “It is children, however, who suffer most from divorce.” I believe this is true. I could not talk to my mother about my father or talk to my father about my mother. I stayed with my grandmother most of the time because my mother and father always had to go to work or go do something else. They did not realize that most divorce parents must work more to take care of their child after a divorce.

Now that it has been a few years, I have gotten used to my parents not being together. They have both moved on, even though they will tell me that they still love one another. Each of them still do things with me, such as, go fishing or out to eat. I still wish they were back together. Parents do not realize that when they said their vows, they made a commitment. When they break that commitment, it can be devastating. Divorce may take a toll on the couple, but the children are hurt the worst.
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