Divorce Bill

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The Proposed Divorce Bill in RP:
Pro or No?

A Research Paper Presented to
Dr. Josephine E. Tuliao
Mapúa Institute Technology

in partial fulfillment
of the requirements in
Philippine Governance and Constitution

Jineia Joy T. Baldoza
August 2011


This research paper, entitled “The Proposed Divorce Bill in RP: Pro or No?”, is conducted to give justice and find responses on the exchange of views of the people regarding the issue. The purpose of this research study is to define divorce and its concepts. The reasons of this study are to determine the causes of separation and to better understand the concerns that women face when deciding to get separated. This paperwork also intends to review the issues and factors that affect marriage decisions and to warn couple who plans to have divorce services. This research paper will state some laws regarding divorce and its consequences. Also, this aims to clarify rumors about the issue. Beyond all, this research study is made to encourage couples avoid separation, to persuade couples value family life, and to uphold and promote respect for life.


Article XV Section 2 of the 1986 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines affirms that, “Marriage, as an inviolable social institution, is the foundation of the family and shall be protected by the State.”

Marriage is a status or relation of one man and woman, legally united for life, with rights and obligations which are governed by law and not subject to private agreement between the parties.
Just before the intense argue on the Reproductive Health Bill, Filipinos are once more at odds with each other in considering another controversial piece of legislation: the Divorce Bill.
Divorce is not acknowledged under the laws of the Philippines. Filipino citizens, no matter what their country of residence, must follow the procedure indicated in the Family Code of the Philippines to have their marriage nullified or voided by filing a Petition of Annulment of Marriage before the pertinent Office of the Executive Clerk of the Court or the Regional Court. House Bill (HB) No. 1799, a proposed law that will legalize divorce in the Philippines, was tackled at the level of the Committee on Revision of Laws last June 1, 2011. The Divorce Bill of the Philippines was authored by Gabriela Party List Representative Luzviminda Ilagan and filed in July 2010.

Significance of the Study
This research paper will be useful to the following people: Women. This study is for those women who are pushing for the Divorce Bill. They tend to be more concerned about their marriages than men. They exert more effort to try to improve the marriage and initiate most marriage counseling. Women all over the country are fighting for release from relationships with men who abuse them. RP Congress. This revision is also for those people in the Congress who started discussing this bill that will legalize divorce in the country. Inspired by the referendum in Malta, a panel from the House of Representatives is meeting to try to revive a divorce bill which has been languishing in Congressional files for years. Church. This paper is also for the minister who strictly opposes with the Divorce Bill. Couples who are united with the Lord’s blessings are supposed to suffer the challenges together and not to go apart. Divorce is different from the nullity of declaration of the church.

Statement of the Problem
1. What is HB No. 1799?
2. Why various marriages end up to separation?
3. Why numerous women push for Divorce Bill?
4. Why must divorce Bill not to be permitted in the country? 5. Is divorce anti-Filipino?
6. How do you view Philippines if Divorce Bill will be approved?

Hypothesis of the Study
1. House Bill (HB) No. 1799, a proposed law that will legalize divorce in the Philippines, was tackled at the level of...

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