Divorce Bill

Topics: Marriage, Divorce, Family law Pages: 6 (2170 words) Published: June 21, 2013
De Vera, Edris A.Professor Manny Mogato
Bachelor of Mass Communication III-2March 2, 2013

Divorce bill Feature:

“Till death do us part? or Easy good-bye?”

Minister: “Dear Family and Friends, on behalf of the (groom’s and bride’s names) I welcome you all for this marriage ceremony. We are here today to encourage, celebrate and support the covenant of these two people are going to make and to share in joy that they experience as they pledge their love and commitment to each other We rejoice in the manner of God has led them to each other and got them to the place where they now stand.”

LOVE is the major reason why people assess commitment and get into marriage. And because of the support and care between the husband and wife, FAMILY is formed – as the basic unit of the society. At first, they were really excited to be bind together. They even planned what would be their house like, or what would be the names of their children. People around them are also affected to the point that they were excited of where will be the honeymoon of the couple. Meaning, the only one thing left is the ring to show the bond between the husband and wife.

BUT Adam and Eve ate the forbidden apple AGAIN, and discovered an idea that . . .“All Catholic countries in the world have divorce and. . “ so what is our point? We want to be able to say that we are the only country in the world with families that are willing to suffer? We’re the only country in the world, is that something that we are proud of? What does it mean? Does it mean na mapagtiis tayo? Does it mean na ignorant tayo? It just means that the policy makers refuse to look at this issue, that’s what it means,” (a Pia Cayetano’s statement in the weekly Kapihan sa Senado media forum.)

If we look at it, aside of Vatican and Malta, Philippines is the only country that doesn’t have a divorce law. In the Philippine’s existence, putting aside the muslims, Filipino’s are known to be family oriented wherein on other countries, as if the smallest yet the basic unit of the society which is the FAMILY (that starts the process in marriage) is being treated lightly and alarmingly influencing the sincerity of Filipino’s in committing a legal relationship. But how did it happen? When the people did decided that Divorce bill should also be on this country?

Minister: “(to the groom) the woman stands by your side is going to be your wife. She will look to you FOR COMFORT, FOR SUPPORT, FOR LOVE, FOR UNDERSTANDING, FOR ENCOURAGEMENT, and FOR PROTECTION. You must never take her for granted, and always stand by her, for good or ill.” In response, Groom: “Today in presence of God, Family, and Friends, I pledge to join my life with yours. With God’s help I promise to provide, protect, respect and support you through all that life has to offer. I promise to stand by you through good and bad times, in Happiness and sorrow, come riches and poverty. You are God’s beautiful gift to me and I will cherish you all my life!” (Vice-versa)

Men are all good. They are also mighty and strong. They are capable of comforting, supporting, loving, understanding, encouraging, and protecting their woman. And obviously, if they really love the woman, they would confidently say a vow that would assure the woman including her family that he will do everything for her. But, after marriage and as the time goes by, some Men eventually changes. Their treatment towards their wives becomes rusty and as if they are the ones who should be protected and encourage. Some women are the same. Meaning, both of them taking a vow but they would eventually forget it behind. If there are LOYALISTS, there are also VIOLATORS who violates the right of woman and children who were the often victims of abuse. Instead of using their strength to protect the children of women, most of the men are using it to hurt them and show their authority over the weak.

The Gabriela party-list representatives Luzviminda Ilagan...
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