Divorce and Single Parent Families

Topics: Marriage, Change, Family Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Topic: Family life all over the word is changing fast. There are a lot more divorce and single parent families, for example. What sort of changes are occurring in your country and what is your reaction? Marriage is a natural issue in the people’s life and the traditional society respected it so much. But the passing of time brings many changes in lifestyle and family life isn’t exception. Nowadays, there are a lot more divorce and single parent families all over the world. This situation is also occurring in my country even a large number of divorce cases are higher with every passing day and there is no sign of decreasing. It actually makes many people shocked, puzzled, even prejudiced against. But I think increasing divorce is an ordinary phenomenon and it comes from many reasonable causes. The first cause is the change of era. In the Feudal system, women were restricted in marriage so divorce was considered as an impossible thing. But, in the 21th century, everything has changed including being freer in emotion life. Young people are no longer suppressed by the strict social etiquette so they can get married then break up if they don’t feel happy. Therefore, the percent of divorce rises is an evident change. Another cause is that the young today usually give prominence to individual liberty. They can’t stand if their freedom is restricted by spouse so in many cases, divorce happens when the husband thinks that he has a right to controlling his wife’s life. Besides, when setting up a family, man and wife have to sacrifice their own interest for caring about each other and bring up children. But nowadays, young people don’t like responsibilities so they chose divorce instead of trying to live for family. In the modern life, many people choose the free and independent life so more and more divorce cases is an understandable thing and we should have a more positive view about it. However, divorce isn’t encouraged as well so it is the happiest thing when you live...
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