Divine Intervention in 'the Iliad'

Topics: Iliad, Trojan War, Greek mythology Pages: 4 (1561 words) Published: June 13, 2011
‘The Iliad’ is the greatest epic poem of classical Greece, attributed to Homer. The use of divine machinery is a prominent feature of many epics. The ‘Iliad’ is a story in which the gods and goddesses plays a vital role. Throughout the poem, the gods play an important role in the action of the plot and its outcome. In this poem we find so many Devine interventions in human activities .The interventions of the gods also serve to magnify the significance of human action. Infect, the epic begins with one of the divine intervention. In book I,which is named as PLAGUE AND WRATH, Apollo's intervention on Chryses' behalf begins the series of events that continue throughout the epic.When Chryses come to Greek’s swift ship to recover his captured daughter Chryseis .Chryses offers a ransom for his daughter which Agamemnon brutally rejects.Chryses appeal to Apollo causes the god to attack the Greek armies with plague.Achilles then calls an assembly , at which Agamemnon agrees to return Chryseis ,but demands immediate compensation.Achilles and Agamemnon quarrel over compensation. This intervention leads to the angering of Agamemnon at Calchas' prophecy and Achilles' withdrawal for battle. In this book we find another divine intervention where it serves in an inspirational capacity to alter mortal character’s mental or physical abilities.The goddess ATHENE prevents Achilles killing Agamemnon. Because white –armed HERA sent her because HERA was concerned for both of the Greeks. She prevents Achilles from losing his temper and attacking Agamemnon, promising him greater glory if he waits. ATHENE's intervention alters the course of the story line. If Achilles had attacked Agamemnon, by winning he would have disrupted the chain of command and by losing he would have ended the story line. Without Agamemnon there is no war, without Achilles there is no hero and no rage. Here another divine intervention occured when Achilles appeals for help to his divine mother THETIS.He laments...
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