Diversity, a Communal Reality

Pages: 6 (1988 words) Published: October 30, 2013
Diversity, a communal reality. The conception of diversity is perceived that an individual is unique based on their biological characteristics. The significance of diversity is often credited in a workforce - this diversity can be along the magnitude of an individual’s age, gender, race, physical ability or disability, tenure, religion, sexual orientation or even their physical appearance - ugly, pretty, tall, short (Patrick & Kumar, 2012). The topic on managing the workforce is highly important when discussing today’s rise in organizations. This essay will touch on the benefits and challenges in workforce diversity along with the role of different religious beliefs in businesses. Consequently, managing workforce diversity is vapid but it is crucial in an organization’s infrastructure so employees would provide highest productivity. In consistent with Pantea & Pantea( n.d.), the impact of diversity regulation will affect the organization’s costs, market share, workplace environment, employee attitudes, human resources, and productivity. As the workforce continues to become more diverse in the future, management is important to keep the organization intact and to cope with hiring and retaining employees (Lawsson, 2009).The effect of workforce diversity has its benefits and challenges.

As mentioned by Kormanik & Rajanc (2010), valuing workforce diversity means to understand that there are benefits to a diverse workforce, if managed resourcefully. Before going into the importance of diversity in a workplace, key points relating to the changing demographics in different countries and globalization (culture, language, or religion) play an important role in the significance of diversity. Management promotes variety because it is believed that diversity and inclusion gather various skills that work together to achieve a goal, as using different set of skills ignites retention and productivity, this can be proven by Hur (2013). By Kirby & Harter (2003): A proof of these merge of talents is the concentration of different languages used to advertise an organization products and services. Another factor is that with a diverse working environment, creativity in the workplace increases and as different minds come together problem solving skills are enhanced where every individual thinks and operates differently (Bassett‐Jones, 2005). In addition, a successful workforce diversity management also promotes synergy in teams and improving communication skills that brings in innovation and attitude regardless of a wide variety of cultures , as proven by Mkono (2010).On these accounts, we can then value workforce diversity and how management of this diversity plays an important role in the increase in the company’s market share and the creation of a satisfied consumer base

However, there are also challenges to workforce diversity where the individual’s differences became the better of the organization. An aspect of this is ineffective communication - with different races, cultures and languages –these barriers can result in miscommunication then confusion, factionalism, lack of teamwork and low morale in the work environment (Elmuti, 1993). Not only on communication but the incapability to respect people who is different can cause tension in the workplace. Diversity can cause competition, in a case where employees do not accept one another because they come from different backgrounds. This can have a negative effect on the organization and produce low productivity output. As made clear by Loden (1996), the reason for this is because focusing on certain groups and ignoring others might upset or mislead employees (inequality). It is often said that social integration is inoperable and result to more conflicts in a company (Milliken & Martins, 1996). As another disadvantage the failure to utilize differences due to inability to recognize talent this is a crucial aspect because understanding talent is important for a long term competitive...

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