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Diversity Worksheet

By mekashawn May 09, 2013 481 Words
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Diversity Worksheet

Answer each question in 50 to 150 words. Provide citations for all the sources you use.

1. What is diversity? Why is diversity valued?
The word diversity refers to something that is diverse, meaning allot of different kinds or types such as race, gender, age, ect.. (kagan, 2004). The direct pursuit brings people together that otherwise would never have met. Diversity provides options in life and helps some people in hard times and circumstances by allowing a person to be flexible in how to overcome obstacles instead of staying in the same cycle without the ability to overcome them and move on. ("Ask Jeeves", n.d.).

2. What is ethnocentrism? In what ways can ethnocentrism be detrimental to a society? Ethnocentrism is the tendency to think that one ethnic group is superior to another; toojudge another person based on ethnicity; and/or to believe that their own customs and traditions are better than any other ethnic group. (Morehead, 1995).

3. Define emigration and immigration.
Emigration is when a person leaves the country or region they lived in and go to live in a different one. Although immigration is similar, immigration is when a person who migrates to a new country or area as an (alien) for the purpose of gaining permitted citizenship in the new country or area. (Morehead, 1995).

4. What are some of the ways groups of people are identified? Some ways that groups of people are identified is by age, race, religion, national origin, weight, job/career, income, gender, appearance, ect...

5. Why do people label and group other people?
The government does this in a census to track people and population. Colleges uses this information to see if you may qualify for addition funding such as loans, grants, or scholar ships. Employers ask for this information, on a volunteered basics, to help ensure that they are an equal opportunity establishment. Some people do this to stereotype a person and/or to justify a preconceived notion of who you are and what to expect of you (prejudice).

6. Define culture. Is culture limited to racial and ethnic backgrounds? Explain. Culture is the qualities in a person or society that comes from what is considerated how a person should believe, their habits, laws, manners, education, ect.. (Morehead, 1995). No, culture is not limited to just racial and ethnic backgrounds. Culture can also come from education and enviromental influences. For example in Florida there are alot of different race, but you can go driving for ten miles and see different cultural influences in the resturants and grocery stores.


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