Diversity Training Action Research Project

Topics: Focus group, Success, Qualitative research Pages: 4 (2142 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Part One Final Project
Diversity Training Action Research Project
Veronica Powell
Kaplan University
GM505 Action Research and Consulting Skills
Prof:  Heidi Gregory Mina
October 7, 2014
Part One Final Project
This project is created to improve the processes at Aera Energy, LLC to increase the effectiveness of diversity training within the workforce. Our goal is to effectively address the lack of awareness, limited skills, knowledge and appreciation of the individual differences within the workplace. The effort to develop, implement and execute a diversity training program that will transform our work environment to one of cohesiveness and fully engaged workers is our organizational objective. Incorporating a broader dialog to allow improved team work, eliciting creativity and innovation is crucial in our endeavors. Only when organizations allow diversity to materially affect underlying work practices can businesses be confident that they are being good stewards of a diverse workforce (Cocchiara, Connerley, & Bell, 2010). The need for change is critical in our ability to retain and hire our most valuable resources, our talented employees. A description of the project’s primary stakeholders, their roles, and their vital contributions for the success of this project is also addressed. An initial project appraisal, expectations, the groundwork conducted, and a critical mass analysis is also presented within this documentation. Scope and Purpose

Aera Energy, LLC has a commitment to promote diversity, equality and to attain a culturally diverse work environment that fully values and recognizes different backgrounds and experiences. In order for Aera to reach this objective of cultural diversity we must transform our current diversity strategy that will allow each member of our workforce to fully understand diversity and to permeate this knowledge and behavior throughout our organizational processes. It is a mandate that our organization...

References: Cocchiara, F. K., Connerley, M. L., & Bell, M. P. (2010). 'A GEM ' for increasing the effectiveness of diversity training. Human Resource Management, 49(6), 1089-1106. doi:10.1002/hrm.20396
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