Diversity Training

Topics: Affirmative action, Discrimination, Affirmative action in the United States Pages: 3 (599 words) Published: October 8, 2010
Research diversity training programs and their effectiveness.  Discuss the purpose of diversity training and review the types of programs that are most effective in meeting goals for improving diversity within organizations.  Hi class,

Diversity training is recommended to provide employees with the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate and relate to shareholders of different ethnicity, gender, mannerisms, sexual orientation, religion, and age. Diversity training has a positive impact on the company because it helps employees to respond more sensitively to differences in the workplace. Employees will become more aware of their actions, and mannerisms with others in the workplace. Also, it may be necessary to train managers in diversity in order to comply with the equal opportunity/affirmative action laws. Managers that are trained can effectively address diversity issues in the workplace (Reasons for Diversity, n.d.). Diversity training is effective if employees can recognize the advantages of becoming a culturally diverse workplace. Advantages can include; attracting and retaining valuable employees, increased innovation and creativity, and improved team performance. Organizations that encompass diversity can provide a better service or product if employees can understand their customer’s culture and background. The most effective approach for improving workplace diversity is to create a program to promote diversity hiring. A position or task force should be created who’s primarily responsibility is to oversee diversity hiring and training. Typically, diversity training is effectively taught through group exercises, role play, lectures, and video presentations. In conjunction with diversity training programs, the organization should promote employee involvement through diversity committees, diversity staff positions, and affirmative action plans (Rolander, n.d.). When employees are more involved, they become more aware of their actions and...

References: Jones, M. (n.d.). Dysfunctional Leadership & Dysfunctional Organization . In
     The Politics of failure: watch out for the warning signs of bad
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