Diversity Today

Topics: Sexual orientation, Transgender, Homosexuality Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: July 4, 2013
Diversity Today

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Sharial Seay

February 17, 2013

Terry Burr


Diversity Today

In today’s society the world is a mixture of everything and everybody. There is not one person that is the same even if they are identical twins they still have there on identity. The world is a melting pot consisting of all types of diversity when it comes to women in the work place, people having different sexual orientation. Since the world does consist of diversity people have mixed emotions and feelings. Sometimes it affects the world positive and then there are times when it affects the world negative.

In today’s society women are no longer just stay at home moms. Most women have decided to give up the apron and dustpan for a business suit and brief case. You can see the advancement in women rights if you look back in history. I am not saying that all women would like to work outside of the home but in today’s society it is a choice that women have but in the 1800’s and early and mid 1900’s women did not have a choice it was automatic that women do all household chores and men perform all outside duties and if women made any money it would come from washing and ironing people clothes or taking care of their house in the daytime and women would come home and take care of their own household at night.

Women rights have came along way we are now able to vote not only can we vote we can run for any electoral position seat including being President of the United States of America. Even with that advancement in today’s world women is still a minority group. We do have women that are in positions such as being a Chief Executive Officer but not as many as men. So there is room for improvement in that particular title. Also when it comes to women and men in the same position women are still lagging in pay when being compared to men. Even with saying all that I still believe that women...
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