Diversity Paper

Topics: Psychology, David McClelland, Employment Pages: 4 (1004 words) Published: March 5, 2007
Diversity Paper
Diversity is individual difference based on gender, race and ethnicity, age, able-bodiedness, and sexual orientation in organizations. (http://www.helpwantedrichmond.com/helpwantedrichmond/diversity.php) It is important to have presence of workforce diversity that makes people different from one another. This paper examines how diversity through gender, age, ethnicity, and religion impact individual behaviors. The other types of diversity that impact individual behavior are socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, geographical differences, occupation, difference in skills and abilities, personality traits, and value and attitude difference. David McClelland believes it is important for understanding individual behavior. The three types of needs for understanding individual behavior are: need for achievement, need for affiliation, and need for power. Diversity

Workplace diversity is different characteristic in employees that make them different from one another. The characteristics that shape individual differences are age, ethnicity, gender, disability, language, religious beliefs, life stages, education, career responsibilities, sexual orientation, personality, and marital status. It is important to value all employees' backgrounds and perception in a workplace. Workplace diversity is also about recognizing those individual differences and be able to utilize those differences to improve quality and result of work. Workplace diversity also utilizes the principles of equal employment opportunity. (http://www.helpwantedrichmond.com/helpwantedrichmond/diversity.php)

Gender is the difference between men and women. There is no consistent difference between men and women in problem solving abilities, analytical skills, competitive drive, motivation, learning ability and sociability. The main difference between women and men are that women are more conforming, have lower expectations of success, have higher absenteeism, and have lower...
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