Diversity Management in Japan and Germany

Topics: Germany, European Union, Government of Japan Pages: 4 (1339 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Japanese Culture
In Japan diversity is seen in quite a different light then in the USA. Whereas in the USA there are a lot of immigrants and the so called “American Dream”, Japan almost had no contact with the rest of the world until the mid-1800s. In order to survive, it was important to work together on such a small island, which is the historical beginning of an extremely group orientated society. Even until today, other than in the USA there is almost no immigration, with a vast majority of people being ethnic Japanese. The only exceptions are a small number of ethnic Koreans and Chinese (whom mostly lived in Japan for generations), expatriates and a small amount of foreign students. Acceptable behavior is clearly defined in Japanese culture. Key factors of how to behave are age, gender and position. Behaviors other than the appropriate norms are being sancioned Japanese Management System

Although some practices were brought from abroad, such as new organizational forms, due to the big recession in the 1990s Japan had to experience, Japan developed and created a very characteristic management style. This unique management style is credited for the big worldwide success japanese businesses had in the 1980s. It developed out of the japanese traditions, which are still deeply anchored in japanese society. Some of the most characteristic factors of japanese management system include managerial autonomy, strict hierarchical organizations, consensus decision making, lifetime employment, promotion based on seniority and relative equity in compensation between management and workers. Equality between Men and Women

Especially when you look at some of the largest companies of Japan, as well as governmental positions, you can clearly see that the age is the most important factor to reach higher level of positions within a company. Jobs for women in for example senior positions are very limited. These Jobs are reserved for older males who are likely to retire...
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