Diversity in the Workplace

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Diversity in the Workplace
As stated in our book, workplace diversity is defined as “diversity at work means having a workface comprised of two or more groups of employees with various racial, ethic, gender, cultural, national origin, handicap, age, and religious backgrounds”. There are many positives and also negatives of diversity in the workplace. Some of the negatives from workplace diversity are stereotyping, discrimination, tokenism, ethnocentrism, and also gender- role stereotypes. Some positives include increased productivity, increased creativity and problem solving, helps to attract and retain talent, improves team building and enhances communication skills, helps to diversify customer base, according to a blog on Saharconsulting.com. I would like to take a look at three separate companies and their respective position on diversity. The three companies that I am going to research are all in the top 20 of the DiversityInc.com Top 50 List and include Sodexo, Johnson & Johnson, and Target.

The first and obviously most diverse company according to DiversityInc is Sodexo. Sodexo is well ahead of the competition when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Their company is built around these values and what makes them stand apart from the rest. Their statement of diversity is “At Sodexo, diversity and inclusion is a business imperative, grounded in our core values of team spirit and the spirit of service and progress. In our continued commitment to being an inclusive organization, we embrace, leverage and respect the diversity of our workforce, our clientele and the communities in which we live, work and serve” according to their website Sodexousa.com. This is a very strong statement for a company, which proves how serious they take the issue. They take on diversity issues starting with the top, as they pay out large executive and senior management level bonuses linked to diversity objectives and not financial gains, which is one of the first of its kind to do that. This shows on of the diversity strategies discussed in the book, as the top down program method. Sodexo also meets and exceeds all Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action program requirements. They rank in the top 5 of DiversityInc’s list of companies for Recruitment and Retention, Blacks, Latinos, Executive Women, LGBT Employees, and Global Diversity and are in the Top 10 companies for Asian Americans. Sodexo truly strives for workplace diversity as well as inclusion, and is clearly ahead of the class when talking about diversity issues.

The next company Johnson & Johnson comes in at number 10 on DiversityInc’s list. It is clear that Johnson & Johnson is moving towards workplace diversity issues and it starts from the top down with their Chairman and CEO Alex Gorsky. He is the chair os the diversity council, and also actively involved in non-profit groups supporting women’s and veteran’s issues. Gorsky personally signs off on compensation packages developed around diversity goals. According to Johnson & Johnson’s corporate website their vision statement in regards to diversity is “To maximize the global power of diversity and inclusion to drive superior business results and sustainable competitive advantage” and their diversity mission statement is “To embed diversity and inclusion into our business to drive innovation and growth ensuring we better serve patients, customers, employees, and our communities”. Johnson & Johnson shows diversity even in their board of directors, in its 13 member board, has three women, three black members, and one Latino member. This along with their CEO indicates the Top-Down diversity program described in the book. Johnson & Johnson even go as far as including diversity through their suppliers and even contractors and subcontractors. Johnson & Johnson is in the Top 10 companies for Executive Women, and they continue to grow and achieve a more diverse workplace in the future.

The last company is Target, the...

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