Diversity in the Workplace

Topics: Bank, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Zero tolerance Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: July 30, 2007
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In this paper I am going to talk about the importance of diversity in my workplace. I work in the banking industry and diversity is important because on a daily basis I deal with not only other employees, but a large client base of diverse people.

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In this time in age diversity is an important issue in the workplace. Employers are constantly doing their part to ensure everyone is covered and nobody feels discrimination. Some workplaces have adopted a zero tolerance policy. These efforts make everyone feel comfortable when they come to work daily. In this paper I am going to discuss my workplace, and how important it is to have diversity.

I work in the banking industry. In the banking industry hundreds of people visit the bank for teller transactions, or to see me the banker. With this many people coming onto the property it is important we have staff that is trained on diverse people and the uniqueness of each person. While the workplace itself recognizes its employees, the company also has to understand each persons needs.

Each person is different and may need help in a different way. This is something all of my staff are trained on and feel comfortable handling. Once a year the branch is evaluated on how it accommodates to those of special needs. This means hearing devices are made available, magnifying glasses, rails are in good working order, and brail can be found where necessary.

It is difficult to pin point any problems associated with diversity in the workplace because banks are heavily regulated by the federal government. The bank can encounter large fines if they do not abide by ADA guidelines. ADA stands for the Americans With Disabilities Act. This act helps protect those with disabilities and in need of special accommodations. This helps ensure they also receive the same kind of attention as everyone else.

One issue I find troublesome for many of my...
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