Diversity in the Workforce Is a Blessing to Be Embraced

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Diversity in the workforce is a blessing to be embraced

Diversity is an important phenomenal that has transformed the world in the last 30 years, than any point in time the past. Jackson (1995) said that it represents the presence of differences among members of a social unit. Diversity is taking place all around us. Traditional boundaries of gender, ethnicity, age, nationality are all broken down in organizations as organizations thorough out the world become more divers. Workforce diversity can further be elaborated as the co-existence of employees from different socio-cultural backgrounds within a company. However not all organizations have adopted diversification open heartily. Diversity in organization requires an organizational culture in which each employee can pursue his or her career aspirations without being held back gender, religion, nationality or any other factors that are irrelevant to the performance of the person. The traditional method of managing workforce was based around homogeneity. This method was applicable during a time of skill labor or manual labor. However with the advancement of economies and technology nowadays, a more heterogeneous stargey is required in order to manage workforce diversity. The key contributing factor for workforce diversity is Globalization. Globalization has broken down traditional boundaries allowing people and information to a flow in and out of everyone life. Despite the increasing popularity of diversity, the question still remains as to whether diversity in workforce is a blessing to be embraced or not? Like many controversial things the answer is not so obvious and the two sides had to be considered, critically before a conclusion can be drawn. The main arguments for workforce diversity are quiet obvious. Diversity brings in a constant feed of different talent, viewpoint and ides. Companies today are different from companies of the past in the fact that they need to be dynamic companies to survive....

References: Jackson, S.E. (1995). Diversity in Decision-Making teams: all differences are not created equal. New York: Thousand Oaks
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