Diversity In The United States

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Diversity In The United States
RaeChelle Miller
Dec 1, 2014
University of Phoenix

Diversity in the United States

“Diversity of thought, culture, religion and ideas has been the strength of America.” For a very long time, the United States has portrayed diversity in a negative light by segregating people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The media, society, has frowned upon diversity in the United States amongst other things when in fact these same diverse factors are what make Americans stand out and strengthen America. Throughout my studies, I have learned that discrimination in United States is as prevalent today as it was in past times. The government has always legalized discrimination. This is heartfelt especially in our GLBT community, who is continuously fighting for their rights to be accepted properly by the United States. For instance, imagine loving your spouse or loved one as much as you do and being told from the government you can not marry each other or better yet wanting to adopt children, but you can not because it is frowned upon. Sadly, this is just a couple of issues faced by the GLBT community. This is just the legal way to Americans can properly discriminate against other Americans. However, GLBT are not the only group that faces discrimination in the United States. I have learned that even my own gender receive views that go unnoticed through the society and even the media. Women have been fighting for equality since before I was born. Now the government has covered discrimination up with a word we commonly use and know as “laws.” For instance, employers have the right to pay an employee what ever their company desires within a certain guideline of the law. For example, some women even with a higher education than a man receive less compensation than men merely because they are women. Another act of discrimination would be women in the media and the media’s suggested gender roles. For instance, women almost always advertise cooking, cleaning, and children products. Women have fought to be viewed and heard in a different manner than what we were viewed in the past yet and we are still confined to this same manner. Discrimination bares no race, gender, or culture. By the time the United States sees year 2050, our nation will be at an all time high of diverse cultures. According to Department of Labor, 820,000 immigrants arrive annually to the United States. This means more biracial marriages as well as children. This then opens more doors for different cultures in the U.S. Some of the challenges faced now as a diverse nation may still be common in year 2050 such as racism, healthcare, jobs and even language barriers. The most important challenges faced by the U.S. are employment and language barriers. Immigrants come to the United States and have to first learn the language meaning we have to understand the language as well in order to communicate. Being bilingual is now a requirement for most jobs and a requirement in pre college schooling. Once everyone learns the diverse language and can communicate the employment will be a factor. These diverse people will seek jobs decreasing jobs for Americans. However having such diversity can be a benefit to society. Employer can obtain a greater amount of applicant in there industry. In society, diverse people can contribute by providing American with their cultural foods, practices, and traditions. United States Americans can foster a climate of acceptance by interacting and accepting any and all diverse cultures. It is far more easy to reject and ridicule a certain person or group because of their diversity, but to accept them and their culture would speak volumes on the leadership skills of the U.S. Ignorance to one’s culture allows people to pass judgment and form bias opinions without formally getting the proper introduction into their world. Its hard enough having to adapt to...

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