Diversity in the media

Topics: Mass media, Sociology, Journalism Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: July 18, 2014

Topic: Diversity in the media: A comparative study of four major Telugu newspapers

The mass media are the windows which show us the society and reflect the society. But while the world has never been more connected like now,still millions of voices worldwide still go unheard as a result of poverty, social exclusion and political repression. Without the power to share information, some of the most critical news falls under the radar. Corruption and abuse go unreported, successes and innovation go unnoticed and the opinions of the majority remain undocumented.

Qualitative and exploratory in nature this study seeks to analyse the people whose voice is not properly represented by the media in particular print media. The minority people include socially disadvantaged sections, disabled people, elderly people, pensioners, internally displaced persons and sexual orientation section.

While India has a strong and active civil society, the media is still driven by the educated middle to upper classes. Those who are most vulnerable in society are also the least likely to report on their experiences. Slum dwellers, those from rural communities particularly women and girls, those with disabilities, and those from marginalised castes within Indian society are overlooked as sources, contributors and reporters. There is a perception that the media is not taking up the causes of the underprivileged and oppressed or rural masses and there is hardly any coverage of farmer suicides or of atrocities on Dalits across the length and breadth of the country.

Regional media outlets may not include more information to help their audience understand the rights, traditions and needs of the different minority groups living among them. Instead, journalists all too often offer negative or at best superficial coverage which contributes greatly to suspicion and fear. With few exceptions, the media still advance the notion...

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