Diversity in Siemens

Topics: Peer-to-peer, Employment, Identity politics Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Diversity can be defined in many different ways. Diversity is appreciation to the different characteristic elements. It makes individual unique atmosphere that promotes success and collective achievement. Diversity is age, culture, cognitive, ethnicity, identity, language, physical appeal, race, religious belief.

A key to understand each other is to see that everyone is different. Not only people are different from me, but I am different from them. This distinction is important because the more we identify ourselves as members of the dominant group, the more we see ourselves as the norm and others as ‘different’. We may believe that change is needed on the part of ‘others’ so they can ‘fit in’, or in some cases, become more like ‘us’. We are often not willing to think that our way of seeing the world is not always the correct one – that there can be other ways of thinking, doing and being.( Jeanne Martinson)

Diversity is a key element to get success in the new work environment to enrich the quality of workforce and turnover. I will be focusing on diversity in Siemens Company. Equality is a major issue that needs to be considered. How does Siemens solve the equality issue? And What are the advantages of diversity?

Diversity is a key source for competitive edge to Siemens. The workers are fuel to offer new innovative solution that has made Siemens globally successful for 160 years. Siemens is a company that takes care of excellence goal and competitive advantage to increase the target by diversifying and leveraging the workforce. Siemens is determined to do specific programs such as; -Management training programs, managers learn how to be more effective and develop the talent -Diversity training for employees

-Supporting peer to peer diversity knowledge
-Ensuring that business owed by minorities, women, disabled that they can have opportunity to present themselves.
Siemens has employee resource groups ;
-Black employee resource group

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