Diversity in Leadership - Research

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Diversity in Leadership
The article that I found in the virtual library is titled, “Sharing Leadership Responsibilities Results in Achievement Gains”, (Armistead, Lew, 2010). It is based on a much larger report with findings regarding school systems and the leadership of teachers and administrative staff. The children and in turn the schools have found great success when there are multiple leadership groups and not just a singular approach to their education. When administrators and teachers can form multiple focused groups that all work together with parents and teachers they find schools where the children truly thrive.

I have seen something like this in the city where I grew up and still live. The schools when I attended were good schools, but by no means anywhere near the level of education that they are today. I have a young son and I find that we are already involved in many activities to not only further the type of education my son will have but to also continually raise money to expand upon it. The teachers and administrators are very proactive in this regard and have expanded many of the art classes to include full time teachers.

This improvement has more to do with the schools willingness to improve where it counts, in their leadership. Instead of hoarding the responsibilities they have reached out to the community and setup multiple groups that focus on areas of improvement. This is done with the involvement of parents and teachers and in some cases the students. When leadership involves a larger group and balances the load of the responsibility onto a larger group there will be improvements.

It was a very simple assignment in regards to the use of the virtual library, I typed one search string into the search bar and came up with a few thousand articles. Instead of narrowing that down to a more finite group I just decided to pick something off of the first page and run with it. I find that if I force myself to use one of the...

References: Armistead, L., & Education Partnerships, I. (2010). Sharing Leadership Responsibilities Results in Achievement Gains. Education Partnerships, Inc,
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