Diversity in Crash

Topics: Police, Constable, Crime Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: January 21, 2013
The movie Crash (2004), directed by Paul Haggis, is full of different racisms, social and multicultural differences. There are seventeen different characters in this movie ranging from different race, gender, social class and ethnicity. These are stereotypes that people face every day of their lives. Crash really shows the assumptions that we make of others and how people of different backgrounds interact with each other. The movie really made me realize how I act in these types of situations. This movie not only shows the multicultural differences in society, but I think places an emphasis on it within the criminal justice system. In one of the first scenes we see a Persian man with his daughter in a gun store trying to purchase a gun. The owner of the store who is a white male has a very negative attitude towards the man and his daughter. His attitude and gestures really show the negative stereotypes towards the Persian race. The store owner made remarks regarding the attacks on 9/11. The store owner is associating them with the Arabs that actually attacked the U.S. Anyone from the Middle East seems to fall under the same category for the store owner. There are many stereotypes that have been around for years, no matter how hard we have tried to get rid of them. Sandra Bullock’s character had made the statement, “If a white woman sees two black men walking towards her and turns the other way, she’s a racist. Well I got scared and didn’t say anything, and the next thing I knew, I had a gun shoved in my head!” This was a turning point for her and her beliefs. Although the men who shoved a gun to her head were black, she started to be racist towards anyone that was not white. A Hispanic male was changing the locks on her house and she automatically started throwing insults at him. Sandra figured that he would make copies of the keys and come back and break into her house. The way Sandra acted; I think is how most people may...

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