Diversity in America

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, United States, Ethnic group Pages: 3 (1308 words) Published: September 27, 2013
Being in a diverse world I learned ethnic groups went through a lot during slavery. The way minorities were treated in the past was torture no person should experience in their life time. I learned every race has different ways of thinking and beliefs they feel strongly about in their culture [ (Jiwani, 1996) ]. When it comes to being a success some cultures feel you need to be happy and positive to get to the top and others disagree. Important facts I have learned about my racial ethnicity is my culture arrive in the 19th century and they were stereotyped. They were not recognized on applications for employment [ (Jiwani, 1996) ]. My race did not give up and ignored the stereotyped that others thought of them. I also discovered my heritage celebrates in March and we are considered to be 2 years older than the average American. According to (Joel), 2010. In 2050 America will have added 100 million to its population [ (kotkin, 2010) ]. The fertility rate supposes to be less than ever before when the time comes. I think there will be less people having babies because of the recession going on in America. People in the U.S is suffering and struggling to make ends meet. There is too many babies starving in different countries including in the U.S. Americans are being laid off making minimum wage and it hard for them to survive and take care of the children they have now [ (Jiwani, 1996) ]. Older Adults have to live with their children now because they were unable to receive full benefits when they retired. Senior citizens are having such difficulty in today’s society and have to live on social security checks that constantly raise the money than take it away leaving them stuck. Fertility will decrease because America is already over populated now. The challenges America face when it comes to diversity is prejudice and discrimination. People’s lack of knowledge for other people’s culture and beliefs leaves a lot of Americans in the dark because of their...
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