Diversity Final Eth/125

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Final Project
Nancy Bowling
The diversity in the United States has helped me to better understand and relate to others in ways that I may not have in the past. I have learned much from this class and about myself that there is still discrimination and prejudice in the United States. I have learned that I need to take the time and to get to know a person before I make any judgments against them. There are so many different kinds of people in the United States with the different backgrounds. We do not need to discriminate against anyone until we can look at ourselves first to make sure we are clean. We need to look beyound the core of there skin and what they are wearing, and the way they talk. Since this class I have steped back and looked around to see how people act with each other some get along just fine then you have the few that you can tell are uncomfortable. I have learned that everyone needs to be treated as equals it does not matter what your age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability. We just need to all get along and to educate others. What I have learned about my own race, ethnic or culture in history is that society and the media plays a big part of the sterotyping others on what they look like ,what they are wearing, and where they are from. I have learned that in my own race there is still a lot of discrimination against others. In my own race was some of the ones that were the ones that started a lot of the discrimination and prejudice back in history. That there is a lot of caucasians that are very prejudice against anyone that is not white and they do the hate crimes that are in the history books. That the white males have more wealth and authority than any other group . That even though there are more white females they are still considered the social minority than the white males being the social majority. There should not be one group over any group. Trends in immigration will continue to shape the

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