Diversity Essay

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, High school, Human skin color Pages: 4 (1468 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Chris Libertin
English 104
Diversity Through a Kid
Human nature is the reason diversity is such a huge controversy. Looking at the world all around us there are two different views of diversity. The first view is that there should be diversity because it is right and it brings out the best in people. On the other hand, diversity could also bring out the worst in people because of human nature. Both in the past and present, however, diversity has been seen to bring out the worst in people. I have grown up in two different worlds; I have lived in the township of Green in Ohio to this day, which is five minutes from Akron. After attending Green schools, I then ended up going to high school in Akron. I began my childhood in a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood. However, when I went to school in Akron, I experienced quite the opposite, as the people attending my school in Akron were much more diverse. Throughout my life I have seen multiple aspects of diversity in both communities. In Green there is not much diversity because there is an invisible trust bond that is perceived through the community. I came to this conclusion because if you walk around the community people do not lock their cars or houses and have very little fear of theft and other similar matters. This could be due to the community favoring the upper-middle class, or maybe due to the large lack of diversity in the neighborhoods. This assumption has led me to the quotion “ Birds of different feathers may sometimes flock together, but they are also less likely to look out for one another.”(Jonas 65). This exemplifies the human aspect where if there is a visible difference in someone, then instantly they are lower on your spectrum comparable to yourself. This could have been a large reason why there was not much diversity in the city where I was from. In an area filled with typically middle-class Caucasians, it is not exactly a welcoming area to those that do not feel...
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