Diversity Creates a Perfect Community

Topics: United States, Virtue, Barack Obama Pages: 6 (2090 words) Published: May 5, 2013
“Our answers guide our actions, influence our decisions, and inspire our dreams.” (Early) We are molded by our surroundings, the very essence of a community; a community is made up of people who have similar mindsets. A good community is made up of good people, who are living the good life. The definition of a good person, as well as a good life, varies between individuals. To some sixth and ninth graders, good people are those who act in genuine or authentic ways. (Early) The things they do out of their natural feelings towards others are enough to shape their actions, decisions, and dreams. A person can belong to several communities; there is no limit to how one divides himself amongst others, as long as he is happy. However, happiness alone cannot be the basis for seeking the good life. According to Aristotle, happiness is only for simpletons; the uneducated masses seek hedonic pleasures; the sophisticated people seek honor; but most of learned society is pursuing a contemplative, virtuous life. (Early) A virtuous life would consist of coming together in a community, no matter what the circumstance. People with different personalities and backgrounds, who live with a similar frame of mind, as well as goals, come together to build the perfect community. Since America has become known as the “melting pot” for citizens, it seems as though all the ethnicities in the world reside in the States in some way. However, starting when Africans were imported to the United States, racial discrimination was a serious problem up until around the 1960's, when the battle for equality was finally recognized. America is known as a free country, where people of all nationalities and points of view can come together to form a nation, strong and independent on its own. The differences in opinion, ideas, and personality push people apart, and bring others together. People generally fall into four categories of personality; driver, expressive, amiable, or analytical. (Get-Successful) Drivers are hard-working, focus on what they want, and are full of energy, while Amiable people are very kind-hearted, and compromise to avoid conflicts. Analytical people are highly detail-oriented, have an authoritative attitude, are very perceptive, critical of others, and are pessimistic, while Expressive people are natural salesmen, are warm and enthusiastic, are good at communicating, are highly motivated, and are also impractical, and have a tendency to exaggerate. (Get-Successful) Most people fall into more than one category of personality, and are a mixture of several characteristics. Each characteristic makes a person different from the man standing next to him. Differences are what bring people together. The famous quote, “opposites attract” is true in many circumstances, and not just science or math. In life, relationships tend to be more interesting when the people involved have more differences than similarities. It allows for quality discussion and argumentation, as well as the ability to broaden one's outlook towards a certain situation. With so many differences in personality, people are bound to be unique within a community, but still have the same goals or frame of mind. People can work to educate themselves in the point of view of others, or use their variety to educate others. The community, as a whole, grows in all aspects, and each member learns to respect the others' differences. Within America, according to how they are grouped within the United States Census, there are at least six different nationality groups living together. (Infoplease) Not all are harmonious, but most work together to accomplish great tasks. An amazing example would be the President of the United States, Barack Obama. He is the first African-American to ever be elected as President. He campaigned to all lifestyles, and not just to the rich and famous; he campaigned to the minorities, the middle class, and people that others...

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