Diversity Concept

Topics: Employment, Gender, Culture Pages: 8 (2442 words) Published: October 23, 2010
Executive summary
In this report we will evaluate the definition of managing diversity, its importance,the consequence and some realted application towards certain organization.Managing diversity in generally talks about age and gender.but in real life,it speak broader than just that. It include more in the likes of race,culture,religion,family background,personel skill, attributes and so on.it is important to understand the dimension of diversity, in order for us to take it in a different level. As we go thru this report, it will show all the main importance, and why it is essential for an organization to capture the right condition or way to manage diversity.


As we going to look further in what exactly managing diversity scope in related to its importance, consequence and some of its application towards certain selected organization, we shall take a look at its meaning and definition as a the early step.

Managing diversity can be generally describe as perceived difference among people, their age, their functional specialization and also their profession. In a broader describtion,managing can best be describe as the variety of perspective and experience which comes from differences in race, culture, religion, mental or physical abilities, their heritage, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and other characteristic.

In today world, with increasing globalization take place,we need more interaction among people from diverse culture, belief and background to be happen more than before. Diversity not only involves how people perceive themselves, but others as well. All these perception affect their interaction among each others. For an employees to function effectively as an organization, the human resource professional need to deal effectively with certain issue such as adaptability, change and communication.

As managing diversity is one of the essential thing to manage, there are some barriers that need to be overcome in order to executed it into the right condition. It is more than acknowledging difference in people. It involve recognizing the value of differences, combating discrimination and promoting inclusiveness.

As we going thru this report,we will discuss more on the importance of managing diversity, the benefit and some of the analysis on how this managing diversity influence some organization.

2) The importance of managing diversity

After done with the understanding of what exactly the meaning of managing diversity, here we shall take a look on its importance to personnel and the organization itself. The importance of managing diversity can be specific into 3 major contributions, but in a broader way, it has more than just that. In order for us to understand, and applied it to our own routine work, we have to have a knowledge of it, in simple word, learn how to cope with it. When an organization have master how to deal with managing diversity, it become easy for them to march forward and the same goes with their employees. Managers or leader of every organization must be alert of how managing diversity importance can affect their employee’s performance, behavior and other aspect as this key point will give them some factors which can be analysis for the better growth of their organization.

2.1) Opportunity to be employed

Whenever we talk about opportunity to be employed and diversity itself,the most related factor to be bear in mind is that, are the organization appreciated the diversity when it come to hired such personnel and whether they will treat the personnel accordingly? The organization should valuing each person for their unique combination of skill competences, attributes, knowledge and personality traits. Not with their race, gender or any unrelated factor. This will bring an equal opportunity towards each personnel who may have a vary of skill and knowledge to be employed rather than just because who there are. The organization also can find a...
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