Diversity at Mcdonalds

Topics: Hamburger, McDonald's, Initiative Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Diversity at McDonalds
McDonald’s produce limited but high quality food. Mainly they sell hamburgers, cheese burgers, fries, chicken, breakfast items, soft drinks, shakes, desserts, salads, wraps smoothies, vegetarian items fruit and other kind of food which is famous in the country its located. As we have seen at McDonald’s diversity is the part of their culture and its one of the grounds why it’s so successful. They value not only the quality of food or the service they offer but also their people. So how did diversity initiative started at McDonald’s? Diversity initiatives first started at mid-1970’s by Fred Turner. His daughters were telling him stories of the things which happened in their world place and after hearing all those things he called in for the first "Women's Lib Meeting." Form the action he took it lead to major diversity initiatives at the company. They started providing "Changing Workforce Seminars." These were series of seminars which included education in changing workforce and career development seminars especially for women, African-Americans and Hispanics. According to Pat Harris, chief diversity officer, "Many of the employee networks were formed in the mid-'70s, before the seminars actually started, these networks were very instrumental in getting our diversity initiatives off the ground." Today employee networks include the Women's Leadership Network, Home Office Asian Network, McDonald's Black Employee Network, Hispanic Steering Committee, McDonald’s Gay Lesbian & Allies Network, Working Mothers’ Council, Young Professionals Network and others. “Networks since 1970’s still exist today and all of them have business plans that help support our company's initiatives." Because of the increase of Hispanics in the US, they also started offerings English and Spanish as second language to their employees. In the late 70’s they launched seminars for the women, the blacks and people who belonged from different races. In 2009 it commenced...
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